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Your disability insurance claim
was denied.
You need a winning legal team.

If a major insurance company has denied your long-term disability benefits, the system is unfairly stacked against you.

In the desperately complex world of disability insurance, the odds of you winning your disability claim without a lawyer are slim to none. The insurance company has a massive legal team and every excuse to deny your claim. The best thing to do at this critical time is to hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in long-term disability and ERISA.

Roy Law Group has a team of long-term disability lawyers who are 100% dedicated to fighting wrongfully denied claims. We understand what you’re going through, and we know what it takes to win.

We do disability insurance law.
Nothing else.

Roy Law Group works on claims, appeals, and litigation in the following areas:

Asset 8@3x

Short-term disability

Asset 9@3x

Long-term disability


Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) disability

Asset 10@3x

Individual Disability Insurance (IDI)

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When an insurance company denies your disability claim,
the last thing you want to think about is cost.

We understand you are filing a disability claim because you are unable to work due to a severe injury or illness. That does not mean you cannot afford the best long-term disability attorney available.

Your case belongs in the hands of lawyers who know how to battle a system that unfortunately favors insurance companies. It is not fair, and it is not the time for do-it-yourself appeals.

At Roy Law Group, our team only gets paid if we win or settle your case. We can take care of all the complex details so you can focus on taking care of yourself.

See the insurance companies Roy Law Group goes up against every day.

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Big insurance companies have met their match.

Roy Law Group Success Story

See how Roy Law Group battled one insurance company and won.

McCray v. Unum Group: When Severely Disabled Meets Denial

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Jo & Jax Bee

If you have a LTD insurance claim, I encourage you to interview Roy Law. I've worked with Chris Roy Law for the past year toward a successful settlement of a complicated claim. Roy Law is the premier disability law firm on the West Coast for three reasons: (1) Roy Law does quality work; (2) Roy Law has deep expertise and experience in disability law; and (3) Roy Law cares about its clients.

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M Gardner

I only wished I had found him and hired him sooner instead of struggling with it by myself for a whole year or so... They make everything so easy and fast no matter how far away you live.

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E Radza

A law firm that cares more about people than money. After a quick review of my case, I was told they could take my case and win; however, they chose not to because the legal fees would be almost as much as my settlement (and I would still have to pay income tax on the settlement). They felt it would be unethical. An ethical law firm, amazing!

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Elaine P.

From the first day we placed the call, we received nothing but caring, professional customer service... Roy Law Group has been nothing but the utmost in professionalism, [more] than any other law office we encountered.

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JS Jung

When I could no longer work due to my disability, my attorney (Jesse) went up against my insurance company with meticulous precision and skill. He delivered the results that my family needed! Holly, his legal assistant, worked tirelessly to close any loose ends. Chris Roy (owner/attorney) is a straight-shooter who believes in the mission of his law firm to honorably represent those with disability claims and win!

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Rhonda S.

I recently needed an attorney to help me appeal a denied STD claim from my employer.... Darrin Class and Kali Mustafa of the Roy Law Group were very easy to work with and professional in every way. Through their hard work, they were able to get my STD claim denial overturned and are now working on my LTD claim. I would highly recommend this firm.

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Nichole K.

Roy Law Group saved my life... Once you sign up it feels like you have an immediate family to take the burden of the insurance company stress. Thank you Roy Law Group for having my back when no one else did.

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Mick F.

I cannot say enough about the professional ethics and hard work of Chris Roy and his staff. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking justice in the face of travesty when dealing with insurance/disability claims or any of the other services he provides for his clients.

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Holly C.

Roy Law was exceptional. They helped me acquire my LTD benefits after two appeal denials on my own. I want to mention Kali Mustafa who was especially helpful. I would recommend the firm to anyone who is struggling with this issue.

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We know what it takes to win.

Our entire law firm is dedicated to fighting disability claim denials and winning for people like you. Reach out today for a free consultation.

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