If you have filed a long-term disability claim that has been wrongfully denied, now is the time to hire a long-term disability lawyer.

Your long-term disability insurance, whether your policy is employer-sponsored or individually purchased, should cover you if you become disabled. After all, that is what these plans are designed for. They should ensure peace of mind when things do not go as planned, and cover your needs when you are unable to work.

Not all disability insurance coverage is equal, but they do have several things in common. The fact is, even the most seemingly straightforward policies can lead to uphill battles.

Contrary to what you may think, it is in the best interest of your insurance company to deny your claim – and they will look for every opportunity to do so.

Here are five reasons to hire a disability lawyer:

1. Never miss a deadline

There are strict timelines to adhere to when you appeal a denied disability insurance claim.

The deadline to appeal is usually 180 days from the time that you are denied until your appeal window closes. If you do not appeal during that time, case closed.

An experienced disability insurance attorney will take the time to ensure there is enough information from your doctors if you need them. They will also know if you will need more support or information for your appeal. You never want to wait until the last minute to hire an attorney during this process.

2. Ensure your appeal is correct and complete

If you hire a long-term disability attorney before filing your lawsuit, they can get to work, adding all possible evidence for you to win or settle.

Your long-term disability attorney will also know the best questions to ask your physician to support your claim. A conversation between an expert attorney and your doctor will be far more effective in framing an argument against your insurance carrier on your behalf. A correct and complete appeal has the best chance of success.

3. Build a solid case

An experienced attorney will be able to request information from your insurance company about your claim and engage your doctors and caretakers. Your attorney will also get to know all the people involved to best build your case. In partnership with you, they will make things easier for you and harder for the insurance company.

It is important to note that your case might seem simple and straightforward. However, the technical aspects of this area of law are not written for individuals who are not disability attorneys.

4. Fight big insurance companies on your behalf

Some insurance companies will hire a private investigator to follow you around and take pictures of your daily activities. This common approach is meant to build a case against you with the judge that you are capable of more significant activity than your claim indicates.

Just as in the media, insurance companies have been known to edit the footage to meet their goal of denying your claim. That’s why you need an experienced long-term disability lawyer to help you navigate these waters if you experience them.

5. Reduce your stress

Your attorney will take charge so you can focus on what matters most: you. Insurance companies know how to subtly word things in a way to confuse you or lead you to inadvertently damage your case. A long-term disability attorney will help you avoid any pitfalls.

You do not have to go at this alone.

If you have been denied on your long-term disability claim, talk with Roy Law Group’s compassionate team of experts. We do disability law and nothing else. You are not an attorney – do not let their army of attorneys take from you what you rightfully deserve.

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