Our practice takes on disability denials from big insurance companies – and we win for you

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We have been fighting big insurance companies since 2009 for people like you

Roy Law Group is one of the only full-service law firms that is 100% devoted to disability claims, appeals, and litigation.

During this time, you need to worry about you. We will handle everything else on your behalf. Whether it is filing or amending a claim, appealing a denial, a win in court, or a settlement, you can rest assured that with Roy Law Group, you have the best legal team on your case.

The insurance companies are good – but we are better.

Roy Law Group goes up against insurance companies every single day and in the following areas:


Short-term disability


Long-term disability


Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) disability


Individual Disability Insurance (IDI)

Your team at Roy Law Group handles cases throughout the U.S., primarily within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit:


Whether it is overturning a denial on appeal, a win in court or a settlement, we will work in your best interest to get you the award you rightly deserve.

The Top Reasons to Hire
Roy Law Group

You are not an attorney

Your insurance company is not working on your behalf, but instead is working on more ways to dispute and deny your claim.

Disability denials are all we do

Since 2009, Roy Law Group has handled hundreds of cases on behalf of people like you, and in this specific area of law.

We take on 100% of the risk

If Roy Law Group takes you on as a client, we do not get paid unless we win or settle for you.

You take care of you - we'll handle the rest

We have handled hundreds of cases like yours. You want an attorney with compassion for your case, expertise in disability, and the tenacity to win.

You don’t get just one attorney

You get a team of legal experts who work on cases just like yours and against the biggest of insurance companies, every day.

You can stay where you are at

Roy Law Group manages the majority of our cases without you having to step foot in our offices. We can handle everything 100% remotely if you choose.


You are one person. Insurance companies are 100+ attorneys strong.

With a devastating disability, frequently creating job insecurity and significant financial hardship, it may be tempting to try to manage your case, believing the system is fair. The fact is, in the desperately complex world of insurance, the odds of you winning without an attorney are slim to none.

When you hire Roy Law Group to represent you, you have a winning team of experts on your side.

Roy Law Group Success Story

See how Roy Law Group battled one insurance company and won.

Paulson v. Principal Life Insurance: Winning in One Word

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Roy Law Group fights to win

Like it or not, the court system heavily favors insurance companies.

As an individual, it is a near impossibility for you to go up against a massive legal team that has it in their best interest to dispute your claim and not pay. It is at this critical time that you want to hire the best attorneys that do this every day.

Here are just some of the insurance companies we go up against every day:

The best option to recover your disability benefits

With Roy Law Group, you are in a winning battle.

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