William McCray was a Seattle, Washington resident who was found to be severely disabled due to multiple degenerative diseases. His employer-sponsored short- and long-term disability plan was with Unum Group insurance, which approved his claim. When Unum Group’s medical investigation deemed him to be no longer disabled, they denied his claim. That’s when William hired the expert attorneys at Roy Law Group who went head-to-head with Unum Group.  As a result, Unum Group had to provide William with back pay and ongoing long-term disability payments while covering all of his accrued legal and court-related fees.

Denied by Unum Group

William, a former United States veteran who also worked in various financial service jobs, became disabled when he was diagnosed with multiple degenerative diseases. That’s when he filed an initial short-term disability claim that turned into a long-term disability claim in 2009.

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His initial long-term disability claim was denied by his insurance company, Unum Group, but his appeal was successful based on his complete, doctor-verified inability to work.

Unum paid William uninterrupted benefits through 2015. Then Unum launched an investigation involving social media, an in-person interview, multiple medical reviews by nurses and physicians, and an independent medical examination (IME), which was conducted by Unum’s own doctor. This resulted in William suddenly being considered no longer disabled.

No longer being considered disabled meant there was a complete disruption and halt to his long-term disability payments – and this was when the list of his medical issues was only continuing to grow. After a series of complications with his claim and after repeated denials, William hired Roy Law Group in 2018 to take on Unum and get him the settlement that he so desperately needed and deserved.

Insurance companies are there for you until they’re not

Insurance companies like Unum have hundreds of attorneys on hand – and it is in their best interest to figure out ways in which to deny disability claims like William’s.

When denying thousands of claims each year, this adds up to significantly more money in insurance companies’ pockets. That is why they regularly review claims and look for ways to shut off benefits.

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Written by attorneys, for attorneys

ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, was created to protect employees in employer-sponsored insurance plans like William’s. However, the complications surrounding ERISA when it comes to a denied claim are beyond the majority of people, as the rules are written by and for attorneys.

Yes, you can file your own claim. However, the subtle complexities surrounding ERISA are nearly impossible to translate by someone who is not practicing this specific area of law.

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When you are disabled, you have enough to worry about

Because William was so severely disabled, his ability to accurately depict his numerous conditions was called into question.

Due to degenerative joint and disc disease, chronic pain, and neurological numbness in his hands and feet, as well as frequent memory lapses, William was on a cocktail of medications with no cure in sight. Even Social Security Disability Insurance awarded benefits after their psychological review in 2010 – but that was not enough to live on for what William was dealing with day-to-day.

Unum argued, despite William’s doctors’ disagreement, that he should be able to perform light or sedentary work. That is when Roy Law Group’s work began, spanning Oregon and Washington State.

Our team of attorneys was able to conclusively prove to the courts that 1) not only was William utterly incapable of doing any form of work but that Unum was liable to provide William with back pay and ongoing long-term disability payments while covering all accrued legal and court-related fees.

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Don’t face a denial of your claim on your own

If you have a long-term disability claim that has been wrongfully denied by a big insurer like Unum Group, talk to us. Our compassionate team of attorneys is here to fight on your behalf.

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